Training In Penetration Test Management

At a very high level the training session will cover:

  • The different meanings of the term "Penetration Testing" and the different types of testing available.
  • What qualifications you should for in your penetration testing supplier.
  • What methodologies and standards you should look for from your penetration testing supplier.
  • How to prepare for a penetration test, what to do during a penetration test, what to expect after a test.
  • How to make the most of the report, and different report formatting options to discuss with your provider.
  • Avoiding common problems and errors.

While the content of the course is pre-determined the presentation will follow you lead, and focus on the areas of interest to you and your staff.

When presented straight through the course lasts for one hour, and the service covers follow-up questions in person on the day. We strongly recommend a longer time period is scheduled to cover those follow-up questions, and any discussion topics that emerge.

Penetration Test RFP Review

Bringing fifteen years of experience in penetration testing as a CHECK Team Leader, Lead Social Engineer, and Pre-Sales Analyst, to bear - Path Dependence can review your RFP before you issue it to prospective pentest companies.

This service will give you a single source of penetration testing experience without being hampered by directing your RFP to a particular pentest company.

This review will ensure that all reasonable and expected questions from pentest companies are answered, enabling you to progress smoothly through your RFP process.

Proof reading and sense checking is provided as standard.

At the end of the review you will be provided with a written report detailing suggested corrections and additions.

Penetration Test Scope Assessment or Assistance

Path Dependence can help you balance the requirements for your annual penetration test against your PCI QSA's demands and your threat intelligence led concerns

This service can be provided onsite or remotely, depending on the intended scope of the test.