It can be difficult to make sense of Information Technology Security.

No matter what it is called - Information Security, Cyber Security, I.T. Security - it is a counter intuitive area with an ever increasing range of threats and solutions, vulnerabilities and service providers. It has a jargon and culture all of its own, and can appear impenetrable from the outside.

With over two decades of information security experience, Path Dependence can help you make Cyber make sense. We have a range of services available, currently focusing on helping you manage your Penetration Tests and Testers.

Path Dependence is platform and vendor agnostic, and will recommend the right solution for your needs.

Path Dependence's Principal Security Consultant brings 20 years of online security knowledge, along with the experience from having been a CHECK Team Leader and PCI Qualified Security Assessor.

Path Dependence is a UK based consultancy, providing professional services to a wide range of sectors and companies.